Stroke (Vasoconstriction in the brain)

Stroke (Vasoconstriction in the brain)

เส้นเลือดในสมองตีบ (Vasoconstriction in the brain)

What is her conditions before she got stroke?

The conditions before her stroke. She always felt pain in her arm ,her knee and her right hip. she was on medication for muscle relax to relief the pain.

What are the symptoms that told you that she got trouble ? 
In April 2010 my mother  symptoms started with dizziness and wated to sleep all the time ,her right side of body started to show no strenght, she could even pick up the spoon. All her movement walking and thinking slowing down. Then we decided to sent her to hospital (one of the hospital in Sukhumvit) for check up. They discovered that she was suffering from vasoconstriction in the brain. She was admitted to the hospital for a week. During the 1 week her conditions had developed to the point that she could not get up by herself and needed help all the time. She had to be in the cart when and after her discharged from the hospital. Then she got PST treatment 

What do you feel about PST treatment ?
First we didn’t think of anything. We thought that the therapy is just like an ordinary therapy, but only it is originated from Japan. The 1st session there was nothing change. She could not get up and feel very tired. She needed to be in bed after the session.  On the 2nd session(the second day), what surprised us was that after the 2nd session of PST. My mother could get up and walk by herself. That was a joyful moment to be able to see her walking again by herself. She still can not walk 100% by herself still need support, but amazing. After 3rd and 4th session her pain in the leg and knee started to recovered. Now, She stopped all medication and even the knee supportor, she can walk by herself and went to Lumpinee Park to exercise everyday like a normal person.

What do you think of  PST
PST is a very effective therapy that i think everybody should try it.

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