PST (Painless Swing Therapy) is originated from Japan, It is a new method to help your body recovery by gently “Touch and Swing” different part of the body to relieve Pain, Numbness, Fatigue, Discomfort and Abnormal Feeling.

PST relax your body without applying any force to your body. Therefore, no further injury will result. PST is the softest and safest therapy exist that works effectively to relieve pain from your body and improve your body recovery functions.

PST Centre in Media

PST in MCOT HD “Meet at 8:30”

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PST Centre  Testimonial 

PST Centre is a place to relax and relieve your body from pain and discomfort feeling.  Painless Swing Therapy is the softies therapy existed that work effectively to improve your body functions. See our Testimonial.

            ※ Back Pain and Breathing Problem FB-Review

Mr. Chaichan not only addressed my lower back pain through his innovative PST techniques, he also showed me how to fix my breathing problem. …More…


              ※ Back Pain FB-Review

To my amazement the treatment reduced my pain by over half and with a few more sessions it was almost completely gone. I would highly recommend it.  …More…




※ Headache, Lower Back Pain and Shoulder Pain

The changes on my health are notorious. Most of those pains just disappeared, and my body became in a balance that I did not have since many years already. I feel my whole body  …More…

Back Pain※ Back Pain

PST “Swinging and Sharking” I had no ideas about it, but its work.  With PST’s “Swinging and Shaking” no pain, not even itchy, but why it so effective? Now right after each session,
I can feel my back bone is relaxing and feeling very refreshing.” …More…
Back Pain Knee Pain ※ Back Pain and Knee Pain
“With PST session, surprisingly the pain reduced and the conditions
got better. Now I am completely free from Back Pain and Knee Pain.”
Hip, Knee Arthritis and Lower Back Pain※Hip, Knee Arthritis and Lower Back Pain
“Having now undertaken a series of PST treatment I have a greatly improved posture and am pain free for the first time in many years. I highly recommend PST therapy to anyone suffering from joint or back pain from my own successful outcome. I also know from friends who have tried it that the therapy is equally effective for the relief of sprains and muscle strain.”
Knee Pain ※ Knee Pain
“My knee cap was dislocated and I had my knee operation, but it did not help with the pain. After 3 months rehabilition from the  operation I still can not bend my knee more than 90 degree and the pain was still there. I am
very fortunate to meet with PST. Now I can bend my knee again and i am able to
climb up the stair with no pain.  and I can live my daily life without pain”
Waist Pain, Stress, Sleeping Disorder ※ Waist Pain, Stress, Sleeping Disorder
” Now I understand that the body can be self recovery.  I am more confident now than before as the painless feeling has been increase from second to days and I am getting better everyday.”
Muscle Strain ※ Muscle Strain
” Before PST, I remembered that it is very painful to squad down to take off my sock. After PST session, I can squad down to put on my sock without pain.”
Stroke (Vasoconstriction in the brain) ※ Stroke (Vasoconstriction in the brain)
“On the 2nd day, something happen that surprised all of us. At the end of the 2nd session. My mother able to stood up on her own!!! “…More…
Neck Pain ※ Neck Pain
“I continued with the therapy until the 3rd session. I felt that I was almost 100 % relieved from the pain. ” …more…
Ankle Sprain ※ Ankle Sprain
“I had problems with ankle sprain for 6 months. After 2 Sessions at PST Centre,
Now I can move my ankle more freely, no more pain and no more trouble from ankle sprain anymore.” …More…
Autoimmune disorders (Dermatomyositis) ※ Autoimmune disorders (Dermatomyositis)
“I was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis. Many thanks to PST Centre for giving me support and relieve me from desperate conditions which I once believed that I could not be cured. ”

PST Centre Symptoms List

◇ List of Symptoms that PST can help you. ◇

Headache, Vertigo(Dazziness), Frozen Shoulder, Tinnitus, Stiff Shoulder, Temporo Mandidular Disorder(TMD), Elbow Pain, Tendonitis, Numbness in Arm and Hand, Ganglion, Scoliosis, Back Pain, Slipped Disk, Osteonecrosis Of The Femoral Head, Knee Pain, Water in Knee, BipartitePatella, Sprain, Meniscus Injury, Sprain Aftermath, Osgood Disease, Jumper Knee, Muscle Strain, Gout, Sciatica, Muscle Pain/Ache, Bruise, Sore, Leg Numbness, Bandy-legged, Stamach Pain, Constipation And Diarrhea, Manstrual Pain, Poor Circulation, Stress, Sleep Disorders, Herpes, Herpes, Atopi,Asthma, Hyper tension, Accident Aftermath, Rheumatoid, Menopause, Swollen, Arrhythmias

Symptoms list


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