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What’s PST Centre ?

PST Centre (Painless Swing Therapy Centre) is a place to relieve physical pain and discomfort from your body. Hence, improve body self recovery functions to recover in shorter peroid.

What is PST (Painless Swing Therapy) ?

Painless Swing Therapy ( PST ) is a therapy that resolves basic problems of body fatigue and illness. It is a traditional Japanese therapy. By working with the body Autonomic Nervous System. PST sends very specific impulses to the brain to switch off the abnormal muscle contractions in order to improve the general condition of body and mind.

How PST work? 

PST approaches the body with gentle touch and swing by understanding the basic mechanism of the body. PST work by turning off the body Autonomic Nervous System, it is essential to eliminate reflections from the natural defense instincts. Hence, the touch of PST is very soft and gentle. PST soothes down the unusual muscle contractions and thereby improves the condition of the body and mind.

There are many traditional Japanese therapies. In recent years, many have developments and focus on Autonomic Nervous System, PST is one of the therapies. PST distinguished from the other therapies with its gentle touch, to turn off the natural defense instincts, and thus reduce the burden on the body and mind.

Without rely on any instruments equipments or medicines, with PST soft touches and gentle moves upon individual body. PST can relax the muscles and body completely and painlessly, as a results relieve pain and discomfort from the body.

Painless Swing Therapy (PST) work effectively on: migraine, stiff neck , back pain , herniated disc, stomach pain,  tendonitis , sprains , contusions , whiplash, muscle strain , meniscus tear , knee pain, Hip Joint Disease, Sciatica, Scoliosis, Frozen Shoulder, Osteonecrosis Of The Femoral Head, Osgood -Schlatter ‘s disease, etc..

PST Centre

Our Approach

With PST gentle touch. PST could signal the brain to switch off the self protective mechanisms in the shortest time to relax the muscle and reduce body stiffness. By swing the body, PST can loosen up the joints and let the joints return to its original position. Hence, relax the whole body and adjust the misalignment joints painlessly without any force apply on the body.

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Pain” as a messenger

“Do you feel any pain now?”

Pain with this movement?”

“You feel more pain now?”

Pain” is the “Messenger” to inform us of any change in conditions for each individual. We rely on messenger to adopt the technique to match with each individual.

 How effective is PST ?

What PST do to promote the body recovery?

★[PST] can release muscles from stiffness and pain. Hence relax the body.

★[PST] can rearrange your joints from dislocation.

★[PST] can improves the functions of your internal organs.

★[PST] can release pain, numbness,fatigue, can discomfort from your body

 Never Give Up!!!!

Respect and believe in your own body.

Our body is an amazing machine with self recovery abilities. Nowsadays, people tend to rely on medication thinking that it is the best solution for better health, and forgotten one’s abilities that the nature has build into our body. PST as a self recovery therapy , work effectively to help and support your body recovery.

For chronic pain it will take a longer period to recover compare to pain or injury that just occurred. Please remember that our body is in a continuous process of recovery and adjustment to seek the balance on its own even the recovery process is slow. Be confident that your body is doing its best to recover itself.

There is always a reason for the pain and uneasy feeling. PST Centre can help you in self recovery process and provide you with a better health.

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Characteristic of PST (Painless Swing Therapy)

PST Characteristic: Relieve Body Pain and DiscomfortRelieve pain, numbness, and discomfort feeling

PST approach the body through body mechanism Breathing System, Nervous System, Self Protective system and muscle movement. Making PST an effective Therapy for body relaxation to relieve pain, numbness, discomfort from body pain and body recovery.

PST Characteristic: Improve Functional of body immune system 2Improve recovery process and improve body immune system

People tend to think that medication is the solution. And neglect what the nature has given us the ability to self recovery. A very effective function that work continuously to find the balance. PST reduces the body tension, restructure the joints, release body from stiffness, free the organs movement to maximize its functions and improve the body immune system.

PST Characteristic: Shorter Recovery PeriodShorter Recovery Period

PST creates a better environment (condition) for the body for self recovery. PST can help you to get back to better condition in shorter period. And this is the most important characteristic of PST (Painless Swing Therapy).

PST Characteristic: No Drugs and Electrical equipments UsedNo Drugs or Electrical equipments used

PST depends on your body recovery functionality as a self recovery method. No drugs or Electrical Equipments are used. “Pain Killer” are not recommended. For PST we believe that “Pain” is the “Messenger” for “Total natural self recovery” process. Trust your own body in self recovery abilities.

If you have any unknown symptom and no other therapies could solve your problem.

Please contact PST Centre.

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