Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Atsuko Oe Age: 55

Since my childhood I am very active in sport and I like all sort of sport, athletics, tennis, horse riding, but now I only dream of golf.

Before I worked as a tennis coach and had to quit to accompany my husband because of his work relocation.

During Early junior high school I suffered from lower back pain and I had it surgery six years ago.

The surgery was a success one and I never experience any lower back pain then. That makes golf a wonderful sport for me.

Because of my husband relocation, moving, adapting to new environment and/or because of my age. I was stressed out. And again, my lower back pain had come back to haunt me, “I need to do operation again?” I urgently went to hospital for an X-ray to check up my lower back.

However, the condition was not as bad as before where I was diagnosed with isolated lumbar spondylolisthesis.

I was wondering what I am going to do. Give up on golf and waste all my 10 years training! Deep inside me, I do not want to stop golf even for a single day. Hospital,  only provide me with pain killer to relieve the pain.

I am only 2 months in Bangkok and I am loss. I came across an advertisement with one big letter “SEITAI” and thought of give it a try. However, from my previous low back pain of spondylolisthesis. The “SEITAI” bodywork was a painful experience with bone cracking. May be I should do another surgery. No, not this time!!!

In that particular advertisement  the word “ Painless “ and “Swing” caught my eye and immediately I decided to give it a try that is when I came to know  Lin Sensei.

In the first session he will ask you how you feel and where the pain and then going into PST session. What he did in the session was touching and swinging and shaking the body and done!  Finished?  Yes, as expected it was no good. I feel nothing happen with swinging and shaking.

However, that night, sleep is always a painful experience and it happen many times in the middle of the night and cannot get a good sleep. And that night after PST it was my 1st night to sleep soundly with no pain until morning. Is this the effect of PST “Swinging “ and “shaking “ ???

I continued with PST with once a week  session for one month, now all the pain was completely gone!!!

After each session, I were told to have a good rest, but I did not. I am still keeping with the same rhythm, practice at the driving range twice a week with 2-3 times full course a week. And that sometime cause me some pain but not to the point that I cannot walk.

Later Lin Sensei recommended me to walking instead of muscle training.

Then I started not to use golf cart in the course Golf and go on foot instead.

In the morning, I also went to the park to walk. Anyway just walk, with a target of 5KM plus per day.

Thank goodness I loss 3 kilograms. It also helps my lower back.

From my muscle training background, now with PST “Swinging and Sharking” I had no ideas about it, but its work.  With PST’s “Swinging and Shaking” no pain, not even itchy, but why it so effective? Now right after each session, I can feel my back bone is relaxing and feeling very refreshing.

Now, the pain was gone but I am rather to continue with PST.

For golf is a sports that required special movement that I think created stresses and distortion on the body. And need to be maintained and adjust once in a while.

Thank you very much Lin Sensei.

Atsuko Oe

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