Knee Pain after operation

Conditions before and after the Knee’s operation (Knee Pain)


Before I was very active in Badminton and Tennis until I gone through knee’s operation dued to misplacement of Bipartite Patella. The operation did not resolve my knee pain problems until i was introduced to PST


My conditons before the operation

I was very active in sport until my right knee started to get swollen and pain. It is a very painful experience. After a year my knee’s conditions getting worse to the point that it affect my daily life. I couldn’t bent my right knee. I couldn’t walk like I used to. It is very painful experience. I had my knee’s X-ray and was informed that my right knee’s Bipartite Patella is out of place. 6 months ago I decided to do the knee’s operation in hoping to resolve the pain problems and to have my normal life back again.


Conditions after knee’s operation

After the operation, my knee’s can not bent at all. I had to do the rehabitation program for recovery. The first 2 months after the operation is very difficult as i could not do without the supporter. The doctor told me that the operation was a successful, my Bipartite Patella was back in its place and i shouldn’t have any pain. And it will take 3 months for full recovery.


The truth is the conditions got worse after 3 months passed. There is no improvement on my knee’s conditions. I couldn’t bend my knee more than 90 degree, and my knee got swollen if i were to walk a distance. And the pain is still there.  I felt hopeless and depress until i was introduced to PST by friend.


How do you feel about PST ?

Today is my 8th sessions with PST. My knee’s conditions is getting better day by day. All pain and inflamation is almost gone now.After the 1st PST session, I felt that my body and my leg were very light. during the 3rd and 4th session, my knee and body felt warmer.

What do you feel of PST ?

Now I can bend my knee again and I am able to climb up the stair with little pain or no pain. I can get back and live with normal life. I considered myself very fortunate to meet up with PST.


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