Arthritis in Hip and Knee Joints with Chronic Lower Back Pain

Terence A. Age: 72

I have suffered from arthritis of the knee and hip joints accompanied by chronic lower back pain for several years. Having tried a variety of pain mitigation techniques including traditional massage, medicines and chiropractic treatments, I was directed to PST by a friend who has similar medical conditions. I noticed a reduction in pain and improved flexibility from the very first treatment. Having now undertaken a series of PST treatment I have a greatly improved posture and am pain free for the first time in many years. I highly recommend PST therapy to anyone suffering from joint or back pain from my own successful outcome. I also know from friends who have tried it that the therapy is equally effective for the relief of sprains and muscle strain.

I am most grateful to Mr Chaichan Pluksaranun for his skill and consideration during my treatment.

Terence A.

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